The Pigeonpea Game

In this game you have to decide how to use the income from pigeonpea in three consecutive years.
You can allocate the income of each round to katundu or kusunga (kusunga can be common or separated for husband and wife).
After you have allocated the coins, you will then roll the dice.
The number that you roll represents the expected (eg. no need to replant pigeonpea) and unexpected expenses (eg. someone gets sick in your household and you need to hire someone for working on the land) that you will have to pay.
You can pay these expenses from either your katundu budget or your kusunga budget.
If you pay from your katundu budget, then you will have to pay twice as much, because you will have to sell some katundu and you will not get the same price as you originally paid for this katundu, you will only get half as much.
The goal of the game is to win more from the income in each year.
At the end of the game we will tell you how much income you collected, maybe you will be the champion of the pigeonpea game. The player with the biggest save from katundu is the champion.
You can practice anytime pushing 'Practice' button.
Please play officialy first 'with Husband', then 'with Wife' alone, and then in the 'Last Run' together.

If the spouse (either husband or wife) is not available please go directly to the 'Last Run' after practicing.